Common questions when considering rehab and a nursing home facility.

My parents have always shared a room and home together. If they need long term care or one parent needs long term care and one needs a short term rehabilitation can they share a room?

Of course! Here at Alpine we have always encouraged our residents to direct their care as much as possible.  If they want to share a bedroom with a significant other we will be sure that we assist in making it happen.  We do not only allow married couples to share rooms but any resident who has a significant other also living in our community.

Can my loved one stay at Alpine after their short term rehab if they need additional care or services?

All of our beds are dually certified so we can provide short and long term services no matter which room or bed your loved one is in.  This allows us to provide services in one place.  You don’t go from a “new room” to an “old room” just because you are no longer on short term services.

Can you care for my loved one who has dementia even though you do not have a locked unit?

We believe in integrating our residents together as part of our family without segregating people based on diagnosis.  We utilize a wander guard system to help keep those who may face elopement risks safe without having to segregate them into a separate location.

If my loved one requests something not normally “allowed” by state regulation can they get what they want?

At Alpine we will work to educate residents and families as to what is best practice for medical advice and services; however, we are realistic to the fact that a care plan or model of services will not work the same way for every individual.  We work with each person to help them direct the care and treatments they receive so that every person’s care and treatment reflects the current realities, both health and emotional, that they are facing.  We want to help every person reach his or her highest functional level of independence and dignity possible.

How is the food?

Alpine has consistently been ranked as one of the best nursing homes in the country in multiple areas and none are more frequently praised than the food services.  Our kitchen team is lucky to have Chefs Linda and Chris.  Linda has been working as a chef at Alpine for over 30 years and recently her son Chris who is a Johnson and Wales trained Chef has also joined the team.  You can often find them making homemade breads and pizzas, clam cakes and chowder from scratch or coconut pies so fresh the coconut oil is made from whole coconuts because in Linda’s mind you cannot substitute the “bagged stuff” if you want a quality dessert. The dietary team is also made up of our registered dietician Ann and many talented and passionate dietary aids who assist with food prep, service and meal delivery to our residents who do not wish to attend the main dining room for meals.  We take into account all dietary restrictions as well as work with residents to figure out which meals they find the most pleasing to keep our menus relevant to our resident’s requests.

Do we have to pay for different levels of service? Is it “a la carte” pricing?

All residents at Alpine receive their services all inclusive.  There is no additional pay for increased needs.  All major insurance companies are accepted.

Can we bring in a favorite recliner or chair?

We encourage families to bring mom or dad’s favorite recliner or chair.  Who doesn’t have fond memories of watching the ball game or even weeknight game shows with their loved ones while they sat in their favorite spot in the living room?  We would like to make your loved one’s living area as comfortable as it is at home.  If they would like a specific recliner please bring one in or talk with administration and one of our staff can help you make sure it is clean and in proper working order.

My loved one is faced with a terminal illness, can you help us manage their symptoms?

Here at Alpine we partner with multiple compassionate and devoted Hospice professionals.  We do not believe anyone should hasten someone’s death due to an illness and that all people deserve the right to live and to die with the utmost dignity and respect.  A resident is never forced to be on unnecessary medications for any reason.  What we will do is work tirelessly to make sure that, whatever disease or condition your loved one is battling with, we are there with them each step of the way.  Managing symptoms, pain and discomfort and the issues that arise from natural disease progression, as well as providing a respite service for caregivers who have become overwhelmed by the care their loved one needs at home are all part of the services offered at Alpine.

Myself or my loved one is a DNR/DNI…will that affect their level of care?

A DNR/DNI will not affect the level of care received at Alpine. We offer a palliative care program which allows residents to be treated in place at Alpine without having to be hospitalized. If at any time a patient changes his or her wishes regarding a DNR/DNI, we will tend to those needs and wishes.

We will not only respect your background and choices but we encourage you to live your life the way you want to live it and we want to assist you in reaching your health and life goals while you are a part of our home and family.

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