Halloween Fun at the Alpine Nursing Home

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Each year at the Alpine Nursing home we celebrate Halloween with our residents.

As soon as the air turns crisp and leaves change their colors our residents begin to think about what they want to dress up in for Halloween. Some think about what food they will eat after the Halloween parade at the facility. It gives them something to look forward to.

fall colors at Alpine Nursing Home

For seniors having a Halloween costume gives them a chance to be someone else for a few hours. It can make them feel young at heart and even healthier in a costume.

Most seniors love Halloween as they reflect on their own childhood memories of it or with their own children and grandchildren.

Last Year’s Halloween Festivities at the Alpine

Each year we have a different theme and last year’s theme was the “emoji”. You can see both (from above photos) our staff and residents enjoyed this theme and had some fun.

Our staff walks around in a Halloween parade with some residents to those that may not be able to leave their rooms and give joy to others along with some laughs.

Next, even our cook Linda had some Spooktacular doings in the kitchen with the giant snake calzone and delicious desserts. You can see how she dressed up the calzone for a Halloween delightful meal. Who could not resist eating this?

Our dining room will be decked out this Halloween for a spectacular dining experience.

food for halloween

Join Us This Halloween

Families and friends of course are welcome to come and experience Halloween with their loved ones at the Alpine Nursing Home. Having little trick or treaters around is another delight for our residents, so bring the kids along!


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