Karlifornia Karl Performs at the Alpine Nursing Home

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The Alpine Nursing Home is so honored to have Kalifornia Karl performing monthly for our residents here in Coventry, Rhode Island.

Who is Karlifornia Karl?  

He is One of America’s Most Popular Unknown Entertainer Does Over 800+ Shows A Year. He now performs in the New England area. His company is called Joyful Noise. He is a live singer and guitarist impressionist.

Since 1975, founder and Chief Entertainment Officer Karl Detken has performed for nearly 1,000,000 people. Starting public performances at the young age of 13 he has been featured in TV shows, magazines, newspapers, a movie and was even a Star Search winner.

Today he lives for bringing joy to those that hurt and/or are healing.

Music Makes Our Residents Feel Better

It’s no secret that music can help you feel better. That’s why Joyful Noise Therapy brings music to the people who need it most – seniors, retirees, and especially hospital patients and nursing home residents.

Our own residents look forward every month to Karl’s musical performance which is always different. We had some patients that never left their rooms to go to any activities, until Kalifornia Karl came around. Now they join in with him!

karlifornia Karl

Joyful Noise Therapy

His company, Joyful Noise Therapy brings live and recorded music to the community rooms and bedsides of patients in healthcare facilities. By delivering live performances to patients undergoing treatment or unable to leave their beds, they add a dose of joy to life in a healthcare facility.

Joyful Noise Music Therapy believes that all patients, families and caregivers should have access to and benefit from the healing power of live music. It has been demonstrated that music has a direct effect on people and can: Improve Blood Pressure, Manage Stress, Alleviate Pain and Improve Pain Tolerance, Access and Express Feelings, Enhance Memory and Access Positive Memories, Improve Mindset/Emotional Outlook, Promote Physical Rehabilitation, Reduce Length of Facility Stay.

Our Next Kalifornia Karl Performance at the Alpine Nursing Home

His next performance is Monday, September 23, 2019 at 10:30 a.m at our top performing nursing home in Coventry. Family are always welcome to come and attend with our residents.

Karlifornia Karl with Alpine residents



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