Alpine’s Aquarium has arrived!

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Alpine Has Some New Residents

They are 8 salt water fish who now make Alpine Nursing Home their home. The new arrivals are 2 clown fish, 1 puffer fish, 1 bird wrasse, 1 blue tang, 2 trigger fish and 1 fox face. So far so good as they make their new home in a 150 gallon aquarium located in the dining room of the Alpine Nursing Home.

alpine aquarium

The resident’s and staff enjoy watching them swim through out the day and evening, entertaining them while they dine and relax.

The Elderly and Aquariums

Studies have shown that interacting with animals is incredibly beneficial to seniors, offering tangible mental, emotional, and physiological effects including easing depression and anxiety, relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, and improving outlook on life.

Setting up an aquarium for your aging loved ones is a great way to add visual appeal and a soothing effect to their surroundings.

Watching the fish swim is known to help people relax and feel calmer. Therefore, an aquarium can create a more tranquil environment for them.

Now – More Than a Year Later

Since we first put in the aquarium in our nursing home in March 2018, our residents have enjoyed the aquarium with the addition of other fish that have recently joined us. We have it cleaned and maintained Ocean State Aquatics regularly.


So when visiting your loved ones, make sure to stop by and see the newest members of the Alpine family. You may be mesmerized just as much as our residents often are 🙂

Updated, August, 2019.

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