Appreciation For Our Staff and Support Services During These Times

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It’s at times like these when the heroic and compassionate work happening here at Alpine Nursing Home shines bright and comes to light in our community. Our family of residents, staff, and support staff supported by the larger Rhode Island community is something we appreciate and acknowledge, now more than ever.

We are deeply grateful for the many philanthropic and supportive services collaborating with us on the journey to the other side of this sometimes stressful pandemic.

Join us in offering a great big shout out to the field Hospital and Dr. Pari from Kent Hospital, who worked with our Alpine team to get residents treatments whenever possible. These kinds of collaborative efforts are a glowing indication of the caring healthcare community we are surrounded by and supported by here at Alpine.

We continue to work diligently to reach the end of worry from this pandemic period in history. We are committed to the highest standard of care for our residents, staff, and their families.

2nd Round of Covid Vaccines

Alpine is pleased to announce that we are now able to offer a second round of covid-19 vaccines to our residents and our healthcare heroes!

Please get the consent forms for your family member right here to streamline the process and keep loved ones healthy.

As you know, we offer Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitative Care, long-term and Alzheimer’s Care to various people, each with a unique set of needs. Staying on top of CDC and health department recommendations and maintaining a top-level facility while bringing comfort and care remains our goal.

The great news is that trying times make us a stronger community, more knowledgeable, and more ready for challenges we may encounter.

Supporting you while you support us only strengthens our resolve to serve our residents and families as best we can. Safe practices, high standards, and exceptional care levels remain at the core of Alpine Nursing’s operations.

Looking Forward

vaccines at Alpine Nursing Home

At Alpine Nursing Care, we look forward to coming together again, safely, and in-person! Be assured; we continue to strive to meet the demands for safety and comfort. Our policies and priorities always reflect our residents’ best interest, whether long-term or visiting to recover.

We are on-the-job and on-the-lookout so that you can rest at ease with your loved ones in our care at all times, whether easy times or not so easy. Like now.

Yes, at Alpine Nursing Care, we are here with safe and compassionate care, even in trying times on both a personal level or in the bigger world. Let our care help you care.


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