Pick Your Favorite Halloween Costume This Year at the Alpine

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This year Halloween will be different everywhere. Everyone is coming up with unique ideas to be socially distant and still have a good time on Halloween. Neighbors are looking at ways to give out candy from 6 feet away.

We at the Alpine Nursing Home thought a fun Halloween contest was something we could do for the residents and the community.  The 2020 year has been rough for everyone.

We love doing different things to brighten up their day on Halloween.


Halloween Traditions at the Alpine Nursing Home

Every year we had been doing a special Halloween party that the residents always looked forward to. It is so important for these seniors to have something to look forward to!

Elderly people love to look forward to seeing their family and friends during regular times. This year, more so than ever before. Holidays are special times when family and friends get together.

Our residents have loved seeing their family and friends via video or from afar at the window. They found more joy when we were allowed outdoor visitation in mid-July. The smiles on their faces have been priceless!


halloween 2019 at the Alpine


Halloween 2020

We are having our staff dress up in costume for Halloween as they usually do. Our staff has a lot of fun doing this too! And we know they need this fun just as much as the residents this year.

But this year we wanted to do a contest online for the families and friends of the residents.

The contest winner will receive a $50 gift card on November 1st on our Facebook page. We will also have a 2nd and 3rd place winner with a $25 gift card and a $10 gift card.

halloween costume contest

Halloween Parade for the Residents Canceled

Because of the recent restrictions imposed today, October 30, 2020, on Rhode Islanders, we have canceled the Halloween Parade for tomorrow here. (Saturday, October 31, 2020.)
BUT, we encourage those participants to submit their photographs here on our Facebook page to still have our Halloween Contest 🎃 👻

We are having children in the community getting dressed in Halloween costumes and doing a parade for our residents on Halloween day. The residents will watch them from our covered porch area of the home.

Our staff will be monitoring to be assured all are safe and socially distant for this Halloween parade.

We hope you will participate in the contest on our Facebook page on October 31st, 2020.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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