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Shining Light of Frontline Care Workers and Volunteers

Alpine Nursing Home staff and residents remain vigilant in keeping with both CDC and DOH guidelines and recommendations for the safest possible care for people. In tough times, the shining light of our frontline care workers and volunteers is more appreciated than ever and we remain grateful for their key contributions. 

As we ease into the new normal, we look forward to celebrating recent awards. These local weekly notices for outstanding works during the COVID restrictions are bright examples of joyous service for our precious residents and others. 

you are loved

We also applaud Meg and the awesome group of CHS volunteers as part of our community. 

Their positive impact means so much to everyone and we cheer them on as graduates to start their next contributions to a bigger world. They have so much to offer and so much to look forward to, and our hearts are with them as they move forward to do great things.

Thank You!

A big thank you and congratulations to these special CHS graduates. You worked hard to earn your diploma and graduate, and your service will be remembered…

Alpine Nursing Home is so fortunate to have a community that cares to surround us! Everyone here is looking forward to seeing and interacting with favorite services again soon. Of course, we will carefully follow directives and guidelines to do so safely, but we welcome you back. 

Heroes Among Us Award

And speaking of community, the Alpine Nursing Home staff was recently recognized as a “Heroes Among Us” award winner. Sponsored by Sports Clips Haircuts of Coventry & Jay Knows a Guy, it’s an honor to win this recognition. Especially right now, the LOVE and SUPPORT from the community is more meaningful than ever. 

While the award is designed to go to, “a special medical health professional that has gone above and beyond the call of duty,” we truly believe our work here at Alpine Nursing Home always requires top-notch diligence in all respects for the professional care of client needs. 

Families count on us and we treasure our role in our community every day. Still, it feels nice, so thank you so much for the generous recognition and this lovely award! 

Kindness With Care

Kindness and care are words we hear often here at Alpine Nursing Home and our staff, volunteers, families, and community are reflective of these shared values. These basic values are so important to the well-being of our residents and therapy visitors, alike. 

you are kind

In a world filled with chaos and confusion, these values offer peace and comfort. 

These values are an anchor to the basis of a better world and we are pleased to learn the core of what we do is invaluable to both our own residents and staff, but also as part of a bigger community. We are happy to be an integral part in the service-based work we do. 

Thank you as always for trusting us in your family, your community, and for our professional nursing care services. 

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